One Tesla TS™ DRSSTC Musical coil kit (constructed), c/w Mini SD Card Interrupter

One Tesla TS™ DRSSTC Musical coil kit (constructed), c/w Mini SD Card Interrupter

I am proud to be able to offer the OneTeslaTS™ DRSSTC (Dual-resonant solid-state Tesla Coil) Musical coil kit fully constructed and tested by me. All that is included is shown in the listing images. This High power Tesla coil stands 29cm tall with a top Toroid diameter of 15cm (6 inches). The coil has been setup for 220-240V(50Hz), A.C. operation so it is compatible with UK/Eire and European mains operation. The Separate control box (SD Interrupter) can output test tones from 10Hz to 1KHz and varying power levels. This is connected to the Tesla coil via a 10 foot optical cable. The SD Interrupter can either be connected direct to a MIDI device or it accepts MIDI music files on a micro SD card (up to 2GB in size). Full details can be found on the OneTeslaTS™ Website. I also offer self-build kits.


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Please note that the side panels have been omitted so that the images show the electronics inside the base. The side panels (shown in the listing images in a plastic bag displaying the notice ‘DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE’) will be fitted on dispatch. Please note that the side panels do decrease the output slightly so they can be left removed if desired

I have imported these very popular DRSSTC Musical coil kits and built them, so you don’t have to!  A fair amount of electronics knowledge is required to maintain the running of these Tesla Coils.  All customs duties are paid on these constructed kits . I will offer spare components and UK support, please enquire.

This auction is for a fully constructed Coil and SD Interrupter as pictured. Sparks length can reach out nearly 2 foot (60cm) from the breakout point!

These are not toys and can be dangerous if not carefully handled. Nicks Science Supplies Ltd cannot be responsible for the constructs once they leave our premises in Suffolk. Due to the nature of the constructed kits Nicks Science Supplies Ltd. cannot offer any warranties or guaranties on the product. The kit will leave me fully tested and working. The operator should be satisfied that they have enough knowledge to safely operate this wonderfully Educational Coil.

I can offer self-build kits, spare components at a reduced price from the above pictured construct, please enquire. If in any doubt regarding the construction or safety of these kits DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BULID/OPERATE and leave it to experienced electronic constructer/purchaser.

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